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About Us

Prospes Real Estate is a rapidly-growing real estate corporation based in Downtown Flushing, NY.  Led by David Wang, Prospes has the most elite strategies and experiences to provide clients with the best experiences when looking to purchase, sell, or rent properties. We are committed to provide exceptional services to meet all your real estate needs from residential (sales/rental) and commercial investment (sales/rental) to real estate consulting and property management. At Prospes, we are extremely knowledgeable in the field of real estate with our countless hand-on experiences with foreclosure, short-sale, and REO. We strive to greatly advance our company’s future by providing clients with the most optimal service to meet their various needs through teamwork, cooperation, and dedication.

Company's Goals

Prospes Real Estate’s ultimate goal is to not only allow clients to successfully purchase their dream homes, but also sell their properties at a desired price to buyers who will provide unlimited love and care to their new homes. Our company significantly values reliability, determination, and uprightness. Regardless of the circumstances, Prospes will always resolve challenges with an optimistic attitude to efficiently fulfill clients’ needs. We believe that a professional attitude is significant to satisfy clients and complete transactions seamlessly. 

Company Training and Events

The bi-weekly special training sessions provided by Prospes Real Estate allow agents to obtain more knowledge regarding the real estate field and gain more success in their career, especially when special guest speakers are invited to share their exciting experiences and unique strategies. Within the heartwarming and friendly work environment, our agents and employees have established undefeatable teamwork and communication through numerous company events such as hiking trips and gatherings which allow us to deliver the most superior services to clients due to the strong bonds developed both within work hours and outside work hours.

With numerous years as a real estate broker, David Wang has accumulated professional experience in the field. Not only is he knowledgeable about estate sales, but he is also distinctively experienced in auction sales.He first entered the field as an agent in another company but soon became the founder of Prospes Real Estate with his exceptional capabilities. Through the establishment of his own real estate corporation, he is capable of delivering remarkable assistance and satisfying clients in various areas: buying properties, renting properties, selling properties, listing properties, foreclosure, REO, and managing properties. 


David Wang is a committed, determined, friendly, and reliable broker who strives to provide clients with the most superior service in hopes of establishing life-long relationships. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Fuzhounese, David Wang can connect with a wide range of clients due to his admirable communication and listening skills. Regardless of the circumstances, David Wang will always have an optimistic and dedicated attitude to complete his dealings. 


Aiming to provide clients with the most seamless and smooth real estate transactions, David Wang will always passionately meet clients’ needs despite their circumstances. His ultimate goal is to allow clients to purchase properties that satisfy their budget and desires with his accumulated knowledge.

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